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FreePN is the first open-source peer-to-peer VPN service.
It's also fast, secure, and completely free.
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Changing the game
A new kind of VPN.
Completely free.
🆓 FreePN is 100% free. It's not freemium, it's free. Free as in speech. FreePN costs nothing, and always will. No credit card, no account, no cost, no catch.
Entirely unlimited.
📺 No bandwidth caps. No throttling. Stream all day, and download away. Unlike other VPNs, FreePN will never bottleneck your connection.
Extremely secure.
🔒 FreePN uses AES 256-bit encryption on all network traffic, so you can rest assured that as long as you're connected, you're protected.
Totally anonymous.
👻 Built on the peer-to-peer principles of Tor, FreePN is the only completely anonymous VPN. FreePN never logs your IP or tracks your activity.
💸 Completely free, forever 💸
Why FreePN
The Free Privacy Network.
🌟 FreePN is the first completely free, completely open network dedicated to protecting your online privacy. Joining the network is easy: just download and install the app. No accounts, no registration, no setup. Once you start the app, you're already protected. It's that simple. FreePN's code is also completely open-source. You don't have to trust what we say about privacy - you can see for yourself.
Browse without limit.
🌎 With FreePN, you can stream your favorite content -- like Netflix, Disney+, or Spotify -- from anywhere in the world, bypass local government censorship on apps and websites, and defeat ISP bandwidth throttling.
Protect your privacy.
😌 Internet providers, network operators, ad services, governments, and hackers can all track & monitor your activity online. FreePN shields your data from prying eyes, giving you peace of mind.
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