Reviewed September 30th, 2020
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Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit, Inc.


The Fitbit Ace 2 is a wearable tracker that parents can use to motivate their kids to exercise. It comes with activity and sleep tracking, as well as 5 days of battery life. Parents can also set up parental controls to track their kids' activity, approve connections with friends, set-up goals and rewards for activity, and more. The Fitbit can be purchased for $69.95.

Breach History

Has there ever been a breach or data leak?


No known hacks or data breaches!


Privacy Checklist

Does it meet our minimum privacy standards?

Is any kind of biometric data collected (health, heart, voice, etc.)?


Are you able to delete your data / the data collected about you?


Does it use cookies, telemetry, or third-party tracking scripts?


Is the privacy policy user-friendly (easy to understand)?


Does it have parental controls?


Does it use encryption to protect your data both in-transit and at-rest?


Does it get regular software and / or firmware updates?


Does it require you to create a strong password?


Is there a system in place for managing security vulnerabilities?


Does it have a privacy policy?


How Can It Snoop?

What sensitive hardware access requirements does it have?

Does it have a camera or request / require access to a camera?


Does it have a microphone or request / require access to a microphone?


Does it track your location or request / require access to location data?


Account Requirements

What information is required to create an account or use it?

Does it require an email address to use?


Does it require a phone number to use?


Does it require an address (home or office) to use?


Payment Options

What payment methods are available?

Are you able to use a credit card as a payment option?


Are you able to use a cryptocurrency as a payment option?


Are you able to use PayPal as a payment option?


Are you able to use cash or gift cards as a payment option?


What Could Go Wrong?

What's the worst case scenario for your data?

Fitbit does appear to take privacy and security seriously, and claims that they take extra privacy considerations for children, including more limited data collection and no recording of names and activity. However, the device does collect activity and sleep data of children, which parents may not want someone potentially having access to. Google is also buying Fitbit, which means Google could potentially have access to your child's information pretty soon. Be warned that this risk is very real if you choose to purchase this product.

How Does It Share Your Data?

Where is your data going? Who has access to it?

Fitbit may share anonymized data for analytics, meaning they can strip your data of personal information and pool it with other user data. However, child accounts have much stricter rules about data collection and use.

Good Things

Why should you use it?

  • Swim-proof.
  • Changeable straps.

Bad Things

What are the downsides?

  • Child privacy concerns.
  • Bug bounty program makes it susceptible to hacking.
  • Overpriced for quality.

Final Thoughts

Fitbit only shares de-identified user data with third parties. However, it has been found to be relatively easy to recover personally identifiable information from this data. This means a hacker could gain access to your activity and sleep data. Yours and your child's information could be seriously at risk by using this product.

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