Reviewed November 10th, 2020
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Linux Mint

Linux Mint Ltd.


Linux Mint provides users with a popular and community-driven desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and bundled with a variety of free and open-source applications. Also, Linux Mint encourages feedback from their community to improve Linux Mint.

Breach History

Has there ever been a breach or data leak?


Date of last breach

February 2016

Linux Mint was attacked in 2016. Hackers managed to hack the website and replaced the download links of some Linux Mint ISOs to their own. Then, the hackers modified ISOs with a backdoor in it. Users who downloaded these compromised ISOs were at the risk of having their information taken.

Privacy Checklist

Does it meet our minimum privacy standards?

Is any kind of biometric data collected (health, heart, voice, etc.)?


Are you able to delete your data / the data collected about you?


Does it use cookies, telemetry, or third-party tracking scripts?


Is the privacy policy user-friendly (easy to understand)?


Does it have parental controls?


Does it use encryption to protect your data both in-transit and at-rest?


Does it get regular software and / or firmware updates?


Does it require you to create a strong password?


Is there a system in place for managing security vulnerabilities?


Does it have a privacy policy?


How Can It Snoop?

What sensitive hardware access requirements does it have?

Does it have a camera or request / require access to a camera?


Does it have a microphone or request / require access to a microphone?


Does it track your location or request / require access to location data?


Account Requirements

What information is required to create an account or use it?

Does it require an email address to use?


Does it require a phone number to use?


Does it require an address (home or office) to use?


Payment Options

What payment methods are available?

Are you able to use a credit card as a payment option?


Are you able to use a cryptocurrency as a payment option?


Are you able to use PayPal as a payment option?


Are you able to use cash or gift cards as a payment option?


What Could Go Wrong?

What's the worst case scenario for your data?

Linux is a safe and reliable system, so there is not much content risk. The Linux Mint team gathers as little personal information as possible. Thus, there will be very little information leaked if there is a breach.

How Does It Share Your Data?

Where is your data going? Who has access to it?

Linux Mint does not store contact information for marketing purposes. Also, Linux Mint only uses your personal information if required by law. Thus, your information should be safe at Linux Mint. However, they do use Google Adsense to help fund Linux Mint, and Google uses cookies to track your activity and see what products you are interested in. So be wary.

Good Things

Why should you use it?

  • Community driven and transparent with data collection and use.
  • Restricts your personal information if they do not need to access it.

Bad Things

What are the downsides?

  • Not many cons.

Final Thoughts

Linux Mint focuses on your privacy and the security of your personal information. Thus, there should not be much worry while using Linux Mint. if you are searching for a new, secure Linux distribution, Linux Mint can be the answer!

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